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Grüezi, Bienvenue, Benvenuti, Bainvegnì…

…Welcome to LA’s (virtual) Swiss Neighborhood!

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(Graphics: Jean-Francois de Büren – Thank You!)

Southern California always had its share of entrepreneurial Swiss immigrants. In the 1800’s it was Eugene Germain who, alongside many enterprising Ticinesi and other fellow “Eidgenossen” contributed to the creation of California’s vibrant dairy, farming and wine industries.

At one point, the Italian Swiss Colony settlement of Asti – for example – was only second to Disney in visitor numbers! Today, that “California-Ticinese” tradition continues with the “Cellar 8” label (YouTube tour), available at fine wine stores nationwide.

Among some of today’s most recent southern California-Swiss arrivals (view “Los Angeles-Switzerland” or “Hollywood-CH” 26min. videos by Claudia Laffranchi & Dr. Zoom) are creative businesspeople Reto Schürch, fashion mega-talent Roger Bollhalder, BrunchButler & Made in LA entrepreneur Raphael Monsch or “Hockey Royalty”, Anaheim Ducks goal keeper Jonas Hiller among many others, all contributing to a vibrant SoCal Swiss community the size of Chur/GR, Sion/VS or half the Locarnese/TI!

“Little Switzerland” is home to some of the most talented Swiss Luminaries of Motion Pictures, DesignAnimation, Sports, Visual– and Performing Arts.

Dozens of Swiss Artists, Architects, Designers, Scientists, Jewelers, Faculty, Students, Diplomats, Journalists, Medical Professionals, Manufacturers, Restaurateurs, Bankers, Insurance Pros, (semi)Retirees, fulltime Moms (and more)

are all proud to call Los Angeles their “Home away from Home“.

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A myriad of Swiss companies in various segments have offices, headquarters or subsidiaries in southern California, the largest being Nestle/USA, followed by innovative and creative Swiss companies like Almer/Blank, dTank, Primary Color, to name but a very few – complemented by a large group of successful creative freelancers and small business owners.

We come from every Swiss region, speak a mix of Swiss/French/Ticinees/English – and have no hangups about making English our common language.

Each day, LA also welcomes hundreds of Swiss visitors and crew arriving with “The Angeleno-Swiss Shuttle” (LX40). Many arrive with their rented red Mustang convertibles, driving with the top down on Highway One and enjoying the “Ooh, California” lifestyle. Some are here for business, some for pleasure, or perhaps even to relocate, temporarily or indefinitely.

Adding to all of that, the activities of our Swiss Government representatives, the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce and the team of Switzerland Tourism – and the Angeleno-Swiss community can “brag” about a respectable footprint in the City of Angels.

Welcome to LA’s “Little Switzerland”! Thanks for checking us out!


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February 9, 2011 at 5:29 pm

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