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July 4, 2017 at 9:30 pm

#Switzerland – Helvetia’s Dream

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October 27, 2012 at 2:54 pm

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November 10, 2011 at 3:50 pm

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Red, White and Awesome! Roger and Stanislas in Palm Springs

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http://www.Helvetic.LA Exclusive
Our volunteer contributing editor Marlène von Arx is currently in Indian Wells, enjoying some desert heat and an equally hot Tennis Tournament. Here’s some of her impressions from the BNP/Paribas Open.
…and if you’d like to read more about Marlène’s “Hollywood as seen through the lens of an Angelena-Swiss” stories, visit her swisscom blog on www.bluewin.ch
Thanks, Marlène!_________________________________________________________________________

“You are obviously rooting for Nadal”, jokes a tennis fan at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden at the sight of me. “Of course, he’s a great player”, I reply. What else can I say?

I’m wearing Swiss gear from head to toe, the white cross on the red T-Shirt, on the baseball cap and the flag that I have been dragging around for the last three days in the Californian desert.

It’s code now: The Swiss colors are a synonym for Roger Federer.
It’s a big change from the days when I used to go to the tournament and the up and coming youngster from Basle played on the outer courts. Back then, I was stopped for heatstroke advice and bandaids, because I was mistaken for a First Aid or Red Cross volunteer. Now, at least, the tennis world knows what the Swiss flag looks like. Just because of Roger Federer and his 16 grand slam titles. Only the sponsor caps by Emirates Airlines can be seen more on the heads of the tennis fans here than the ones with the famous RF logo.

Meanwhile the #19 in the world Stanislas Wawrinka still has to fight for attention. Two ladies are wondering who he is after his doubles partner Federer has left the practice court on Monday. But maybe this will finally change: The Olympian Doubles Gold medalist beat Davydenko and Cilic in his first two matches and the #2 doubles team Mirnyi / Nestor together with Federer. His facebook page is very active (he had sushi!!), not sure if he really feeds the page himself, but he always seems to be on his smartphone, on the practice court and even when driven off the court after a match before he has taken a shower.

Back in Stadium 1, Federer [facebook] practically humiliates Juan Ignacio Chela. My bench neighbors are excited about my mini cow bell that I ring whenever a shot qualifies as Federer magic. The American retiree next to me tells me about the time he won a tennis tournament in Wäggis and how a German custom agent fined him for having bought two pairs of Bally shoes in Switzerland and not having declared them.

On the way out I’m being congratulated. I assume it’s for Federer’s performance, but I thank them anyway, after all, I gave my best while shouting “Hopp Schwiiz”. And of course there is yet another guy with an old joke: “Let me guess: You must be a… Roddick supporter!”

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