LA's virtual Swiss neighborhood!

Are You “Newly Angeleno’d” or just visiting? Either way: Welcome to The City of Angels!

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Birdseye view of Los Angeles County

Birdseye view of Los Angeles County

Did you recently move here from Switzerland?
Are you in Los Angeles for vacation or here on business?

Either way, Welcome to Los Angeles, our “Home away from Home“, and have fun discovering our exciting City!

The Angeleno-Swiss community and LA’s Mayor hope you enjoy your stay, be it for business, pleasure or a little of both!

Whether you’re at the Beach in Venice or Santa Monica, on the Westside, in (West)Hollywood, in the Valley or Downtown – there’s SO MUCH to experience in this Great City. Be sure to get your personal copy of the Los Angeles Visitors Guide by LA, Inc. – one of the BEST resources to discover LA.

If you have any questions about Los Angeles, be it as a visitor or recent “import” from Switzerland – please don’t hesitate posting them here, on our twitter feed or on our facebook page: a member of the Swiss Community will gladly help, or direct you to where you can find an answer.

The Angeleno-Swiss Community hosts various events of interest all over town on a regular basis:

The Swiss Mixer, a monthly get-together of independent Swiss Businesspeople living in LA, meets every second Thursday of the Month, usually at Locanda del Lago in Santa Monica.

The Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce hosts monthly dinner events at the Beverly Hills Hotel where prominent people from Government, Business, Art & Entertainment get together to listen to featured speakers and presentations related to Swiss-American relations.

The Creative Swiss Community of Los Angeles has a facebook home moderated by the Consul General, and its aim is to bring together the vast community of Creative Swiss living in LA in periodic showcase receptions.

For a (not comprehensive) listing of Swiss activities in LA, check out our Angeleno-Swiss Community Calendar!

What’s new in LA:

The Swiss Center Los Angeles is a unique Swiss Made Marketing Platform, created to represent, assist and showcase Swiss Interests conducting business in Southern California.

While operating on a volunteer-driven “virtual” basis during the formative stages, the proponents are hoping to create a permanent presence in the near future in the form of a Concierge-Lounge-Like Business Center, with meeting space and temporary offices the prestigious Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, available to its local members and visiting guests from Switzerland.

The RED BUILDING, a soon-to-be-opened addition to the Pacific Design Center campus, will create a highly visible symbol in the Heart of LA, and a consistent use of this facility to present Swiss Events of any kind will contribute in making this a de-facto “Epicenter of Swissness in Southern California”.

Visit us here, on facebook or follow @HelveticLA, subscribe to Helvetic.LA’s RSS feed or to The Angeleno-Swiss’ Daily Newsbrief, check out the Community Calendar and stop by one of our many events.

You will see – after a while Los Angeles will feel like “Little Switzerland“!

Enjoy LA & have FUN!

Written by M:)

April 13, 2011 at 9:00 pm

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  1. After a long wait, I’ve finally got an immigration visa on my passport!!! Well, I won the Greee Card lottery…so, I will come to L.A. as soon as possible.
    I am an Actor… In Switzerland it’s also easy to have (open) a theatre company and produce plays: I hope it would be easy in Los Angeles as well.
    Any advise?
    Thank you so much. Best regards,


    April 13, 2011 at 2:26 am

    • Sincerest congratulations on winning the Green Card Lottery – you’re a lucky man! The visa issue is always a huge stumbling block – now you’ll have to climb the (steep) mountain of success in Hollywood – and that can only be done with REAL HARD, HARD WORK.

      Keep in mind there are thousands of people who, like you, come to Hollywood to “make it” – there’s LOTS of competition for that ONE acting job.

      Be sure to look for a side job which will help you keep your financial house in order, too – you don’t want to eat too much into your savings! 🙂 (LA is an expensive City to live in, so budget accordingly, and include a reserve/contingency plan!)

      I would highly suggest you register with the Consulate upon your arrival, inquire about the Creative Swiss Community’s next get-together and plan to attend one of the SwissMixer events to get to know fellow Angeleno-Swiss (there’s usually one or two actors present, too) and take it from there.

      I’m no expert in Artist Management, but I’m sure some of your fellow Swiss Actors could give you a pointer or two.

      We look forward to having you as an addition to our community – please be sure to keep us posted about your arrival!

      Good Luck – see you in LA+!
      Michael Gaedeke
      http://www.SwissCenterLA.org / http://www.Helvetic.LA

      ps: please do yourself a favor and do some research on “Credit History” before getting here – it seems this is a subject that many Swiss are not aware of.

      You will have to start establishing Credit – because without that, you will have a tough time, particularly in the first 6-12 months. Swiss Credit History does not count, which ends up making things more expensive.

      pps: one of the FIRST things you will want to do, is to get a Social Security Card (very easy, but MUST be done before you can do ANYTHING)…

      ppps: lastly, register with http://www.SwissCommunity.org – and network with fellow Swiss through this platform offered by the Association for the Swiss Abroad. Facebook and Twitter will be an important way for you to network – before and after you arrive – so you might as well get started with that now!


      April 13, 2011 at 4:05 pm

      • Thank you so much!!! See you soooooon!!!


        May 26, 2011 at 5:01 pm

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