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LA Foodbitch: Flour Power

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As if I wouldn’t have enough kitchen appliances, I am seriously contemplating getting a flour mill. I am done with commercial flour that has been chemically ‘enhanced’ and ‘refined’. Stripped of the bran and germ, the berries have lost not only their nutritional value but it’s wonderful range of rich flavors. Just about any grain can be ground into flour – imagine baking muffins made from barley flour, millet flour, rice flour, buckwheat or oat flour. And hearty pancakes. Or tasty artisan breads. Maybe homemade pizza? Sounds pretty exciting, don’t you think?  I heard that there are manually operated mills as well as electric machines, and I would think it is a no-brainer to get an electric mill that will make flour in just a few minutes. And I will be part of the new food revolution that ultimately will lead food giants that feed us with unhealthy food into bankruptcy. Please, don’t tell me that I am overly optimistic on this one…

Written by lafoodbitch

March 23, 2011 at 11:04 pm

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