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Swiss abroad: a priority for the foreign ministry.

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via swissinfo.ch

As Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey prepared to take over the post of Swiss president, she shared with Swiss public radio DRS her view of the year ahead.

It is the second time that Calmy-Rey has held Switzerland’s largely ceremonial presidency, which rotates annually among the seven cabinet members. But 2011 promises to be more eventful than her previous term in 2007, owing to global financial problems and difficult relations with the European Union.

The president has no special powers or privileges and continues to run his or her own ministry. The job includes chairing the weekly cabinet meetings and representing Switzerland on ceremonial occasions.

Calmy-Rey told German-language DRS – like swissinfo part of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation –  that she wanted to see Switzerland more self-confident and less self-critical. (swissinfo.ch)

Editorial Note

Renewing her pledge of August 2010 to make the concerns of the Swiss abroad an important focus in Swiss politics, Mme Calmy-Rey responded to Géraldine Eicher of DRS public radio’s question:

“DRS: The Swiss living abroad want their situation to become a national priority. Is that a realistic hope?

M.C.-R.: The Swiss abroad are a priority for the foreign ministry and for me. Not only the 700,000 who live abroad, but also the many Swiss who travel abroad as tourists.

This is such a high priority that we have set up a consular directorate in the foreign ministry which in case of need can provide any Swiss person abroad with consular protection.”

Merci Mme President Calmy-Rey, and Thank You to our Federal Councillors for paying attention to the 700,000 Swiss living outside Switzerland (including “us”, the 13,000+ constituents living between Santa Barbara and San Diego, Arizona Colorado and New Mexico.)


from left to right: Johann Schneider-AmmannDidier BurkhalterDoris LeuthardMicheline Calmy-Rey (President 2011), Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf (Vice President 2011), Ueli MaurerSimonetta Sommaruga(Federal Chancellor Corina Casanova also pictured).

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January 4, 2011 at 9:06 am

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