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Screening: The Visual Language of Herbert Matter, by Reto Caduff

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Angeleno-Swiss Filmmaker & Director Reto Caduff is screening his documentary film “The Visual Language of Herbert Matter” on Saturday, January 8th @ 2pm – LACMA – Bing Theatre – 5905 Wilshire – LA, CA 90036.

About Reto: Award-winning writer, director and producer, Reto Caduff has directed a number of acclaimed documentaries. His most recent film was on jazz bass legend Charlie Haden. The film Charlie Haden – Rambling Boy (2009) has screened on TV and was shown at many festivals including Telluride, Vancouver, Hof, Barcelona, Washington, Santa Barbara and Buenos Aires.

Caduff made himself a name as a compelling story-teller with a subtle eye for details releasing “Krokus – As long as we live”, a documentary about the rise and fall of the hard rock band Krokus, for which he won the Zurich Film Award in 2006. He co-directed the award-winning film about the end of cheap oil “A crude awakening: The oil crash” (2007).

The same year he founded the Zurich based production company PiXiU Films with partner Laurin Merz. They currently produce a film about Austrian artist Erwin Wurm as well as several TV shows.

Born in 1967 and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, Caduff started his career as a typographer and graphic designer. During those studies he discovered the work of Herbert Matter. Having the strong desire to express himself in other forms than just on paper, Caduff became a host for Swiss National Radio DRS 3 and successfully launched his own record company Luxnoise and 150BPM. Equipped with an artistic eye, he started directing music videos for his signed acts and discovered a great passion for the moving image. Caduff then joined Swiss National Television as a producer and director where he co-created ZEBRA, a youth program, that quickly became a huge success.  Wanting to break through the limited possibilities in making films in his country, Caduff moved to New York City in 1994, where he started making documentaries on low-rider fanatics, kids and guns or UFO believers.

In addition to his film work, Caduff is also a successful TV director, having directed documentaries like “Lovebugs: Taiwan Jetlag” and  reality TV formats such as Popstars and Big Brother, the series “Ton Spur” and works as a consultant for international media companies.

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December 30, 2010 at 10:12 am

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