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Christian Frei Tribute Week

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Swiss Academy Award Nominee, Documentary Filmmaker & Director Christian Frei at his Q&A following a screening of “The Giant Buddhas” at Raleigh Studios, Los Angeles…

Wow, What a series of amazing documentaries

presented to the Angeleno (and Swiss) Film Scene, surrounding a tribute week for Swiss Director, Academy Award Nominee Christian Frei. The four screenings I was fortunate enough to see in two evenings, were quite simply… Stunning… Documentary.. Masterpieces – particularly in the sequence they were shown (Ricardo, Miriam y Fidel – war photographer – The Giant Buddahs – Space Tourists)…

In two nights we were transported from modern-day Cuba, to the Afghanistan War, to China and Russia – surrounded by an amazing array of diverse subject matter, but presented in such a “Gesamtwerk”-kind-of-way…

What a great experience…

Thank You Consul General of Switzerland for showcasing this amazing Talent – and wishing Christian Frei all the very best for the next adventure. Amazing.

Written by M:)

November 5, 2010 at 7:05 pm

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